Home Sweet Home

Welcome Friends! A good daily goal in life is to make a least one new friend a day. Try it! Stick around for awhile and do some reading. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m a noob, but not at writing. I’m good at that! I’m a noob at blog management, so things may look a little weird until I can get a grasp on the format. Feedback is encouraged and would be very appreciated.

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About me: 

Call me Devan, late 30’s, Tennessee, unbearded redhead, dreamer of dreams, lover of things and people, peacemaker, quiet, quadriplegic. Slower that a Turtle traveling at the speed of Light, faster than a Puma traveling at the speed of Dark. I can often be found trapped inside my own head, a slave to my own Ponderings. Come. Join me. We’ll discuss the reality of things that Do Not Exist, and the Unreality of things that Do. No tribalism, No spite. No machine guns.


This blog includes:

  • Random thoughts
  • Ponderings on Philosophical Questions
  • Philosophical Reactions to Books and Movies.
  • Short Stories.


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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.